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    "Making Closets Happy Since 2003"

    Opening Saturday May 2. No new consignments will be taken at this time.

    Our new location is in the historic blue building, right in the middle of town, across from the gazebo.

    The AGAIN shop is located in Historic Downtown Eagle, Idaho, right outside the capital city of Boise and minutes from Meridian.

    Find spectacular deals on your favorite brands and discover the fun of selling your own clothes for cash or store credit!

    Trying to find cute, fun and affordable clothing?
    Look no further than the AGAIN shop in Eagle for ladies, teens and guys clothing & accessories.

    Curious about selling with us?

    We have more than 12.000 people who sell their clothing at the Again Shops and we add more than 1000 items a week to our racks! You too can sell your clothing and accessories!

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